news 27/06/2023

Release of the Firework edition of Binche

This 100% distilled gin is a limited edition of our traditional Gin de Binche. It is more spicy, with hints of chilli and Sichuan pepper, reminiscent of China where fireworks were originally created.

This gin is 57% proof, which makes it a Navy Strength gin.

The name Navy Strength gin derives from its historical origins as a drink consumed by British naval sailors in the 18th century. At that time, the British Royal Navy provided each ship with a daily allowance of gin for the sailors, as the alcohol could be used as a medicine, a drinking water preservative and a morale booster for the crew.

This gin is so-called because it is made with a higher alcohol content than traditional gins, usually between 54% and 57% alcohol by volume. This higher alcohol content allowed the gin to remain stable and not lose its flavour when stored on board ship for long periods.

The higher alcohol content also meant that if a barrel of gin spilled on the ship's gunpowder, it would not be rendered unusable due to saturation.

Nowadays, Navy Strength gin has become popular among cocktail enthusiasts for its intense flavour and strength, but it is also valued for its link to British naval history and tradition.

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