Bintje Vodka

No small potato! The third creation of our young distillery, our vodka stands out for its flavour. It is thanks to its main ingredient, Bintje potato, that it joins the high-end products and once in your mouth reveals its wide range of flavours.

Bintje Vodka
  • Supple, light, smooth
  • Unique texture
  • Rich and fragrant nose
  • 35 cl bottle

100% Belgian potato vodka

The latest creation of the Plus Oultre Distillery, our Bintje Vodka, as its name suggests, is potato-based. But watch out, this 100% Belgian variety is better known for its chips! The Bintje provides a different texture and its distillation helps give our vodka its unique taste.


Much tastier than grain vodka, it is a real potato concentrate. It is aimed at a more knowledgeable audience as, unlike other vodkas, our product tastes pure and fresh, without a mixer.

40% ABV, Bintje Vodka should be consumed in small measures to enjoy its true value.

Supple, light, smooth and with a rich and fragrant nose for a potato spirit, it will delight high-end vodka aficionados!



The little sister of Gin de Binche joined our family of spirits in November 2020.

joined our family of spirits in November 2020.

Vodkas made from potatoes that have been peeled, mixed, fermented and distilled have a somewhat earthy, very round taste and are slightly oily, as you see when you swill the liquid around the glass.

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