Black Lion Rhum

Hailing from Paraguay, Black Lion Rum is an organic rum distilled in a traditional pot still. It owes its unique taste to the fact it is aged in Belgium in bourbon barrels and infused with organic orange peel before bottling.

Bouteille de Black Lion Rhum floue Bouteille de Black Lion Rhum Oranges
40% vol. alcohol
50 cl bottle
Gold medal Frankfurt 2022

Paraguay is a land of vast forests and is prone to flooding due to the heavy rain that habitually falls on the country. With its tropical climate, it is ideal for growing sugar cane, which is grown organically and improves water runoff. The rum’s infusion with orange peel is a nod to the carnival of Binche, the home of our distillery.

Black Lion Rhum packshot Black Lion Rhum packshot Black Lion Rhum packshot

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