Rhumble Let’s get ready to rhumble !

Rhumble is a vanilla-flavoured Jamaican-rum-based liqueur. Distilled using the kind of pot stills common in Jamaica in the middle of the last century, Rhumble is made using 18th-century techniques to create a very high level of esters, which give it an aromatic profile beyond compare and unique in its genre.

Verre de Rhumble Bouteille de Rhumble
40% vol. alcohol 70 cl bottle

The water used to make the rum wash is sourced from a mountain-water collection system. The painstakingly long fermentation process, in which natural yeast is married with an entirely craft-distilled spirit in twin-retort pot stills, makes the rum that is the main ingredient of our liqueur so quintessentially Jamaican. A joyous explosion of flavours, Rhumble is sure to shake the rum-loving world to its core.

Rhumble packshot Rhumble packshot Rhumble packshot

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