La Bonespéreuse Herbal liqueur of Abbey

La Bonespéreuse is made by macerating botanicals in the tradition of the great monastic liqueurs. One of our secret herbs, angelica grows extensively on the plains of the Abbaye de Bonne Espérance. Medieval physicians called it the "root of the Holy Spirit" because of its magical ability to ward off any number of ailments.

Bouteille de Bonespéreuse Angélique Angélique
35% vol. alcohol Bottle of 50 cl
drapeau belge

Liqueur of Bonne Esperance Abbey

La Bonespéreuse is drunk as a digestif and in cocktails and can be served chilled or at room temperature.

By purchasing this product, you are contributing to the upkeep and preservation of the listed site of the Abbey of Bonne Esperance (in Hainaut - Belgium).

Part of the profits being donated to the site manager.

Bonespéreuse Bonespéreuse Bonespéreuse

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