Our gin-based cocktail recipes

To preserve the flavours of your favourite spirits or transform your taste experience, we offer a selection of fool-proof Gin de Binche-based recipes of course, and much more...

Our tasting tip

  • In advance, place ice cubes of a certain size (to avoid them melting too quickly) in the glass to cool it.
  • Add 5 cl of Gin de Binche, 12 cl of high-quality neutral tonic, some orange zest and some lightly crushed juniper berries.
  • For declaration, you can choose between orange or lemon zest, juniper berries, clove, grated dark chocolate, etc.
A cocktail for a sunny day

A cocktail for a sunny day

  • 6 cl of Gin de Binche
  • 10 cl of orange juice
  • 1 cl of strawberry purée
  • 1 cl of grape juice
  • Lots of ice
The best spritz in the land

The best spritz in the land

A Gold medal for our Plus Oultre Bitters! After New York, our Bitters received its second award at the prestigious Concours Mondial de Bruxelles! What better way to celebrate than to offer a gift box that includes the top Belgian sparkling wine so you can enjoy the best spritz in the land.

Of all the Belgian sparkling wines we tasted, it was the Ruffus Brut Sauvage that stood out the most for its intensity and low sugar content and brought out all the aromas of this divine cocktail.


The Vesper – The 100% 007 cocktail

6 cl of Gin de Binche + 2 cl of Bintje Vodka + 1 cl of Lillet Blanc + 1 orange zest

  • 1. The Vesper cocktail recipe is made in a shaker.
  • 2. In a single shaker filled with ice cubes, add the gin, vodka and Lillet Blanc.
  • 3. Shake for a few seconds.
  • 4. Decant the mixture into a martini glass, leaving the ice cubes behind.
  • 5. Decorate your glass with orange or lemon zest.
  • 6. Your Vesper cocktail is ready Mr Bond!

The Negroni – The most Florentine cocktail

3 cl of red vermouth + 3 cl of Plus Oultre Distillery Bitters + 3 cl of Gin de Binche 3 + 1 slice of orange for decoration

  • 1. This Negroni cocktail recipe is made directly in the glass.
  • 2. Fill your old-fashioned glass with ice cubes.
  • 3. Then add the red vermouth, Plus Oultre Bitters and Gin de Binche.
  • 4. Stir with a mixing spoon for 10 seconds.
  • 5. Decorate your glass with a slice of orange.
  • 6. Your Negroni is ready! Welcome to Florence!

The Spritz – Welcome to Venice

2 cl Plus Oultre Bitters + 3 cl of Ruffus Brut Sauvage + a dash of Indian tonic

  • 1. The Spritz cocktail recipe is made directly in the glass.
  • 2. Fill a wine glass three quarters full of ice cubes, add 3 cl of Ruffus Brut Sauvage.
  • 3. Then add 2 cl of Plus Oultre Bitters.
  • 4. Finish with a dash of Indian tonic.
  • 5. Mix with a mixing spoon to delicately bring out the Bitters.
  • 6. Add a slice of orange.
  • 7. Your Spritz cocktail is ready!

The Bronx - New York during prohibition

4 cl of Gin de Binche + 1.5 cl of dry vermouth + 1.5 cl of red vermouth + 1.5 cl of orange juice + 1 orange zest

  • 1. The Bronx cocktail recipe is made in a shaker.
  • 2. First swirl a few ice cubes around a cocktail glass to cool it.
  • 3. Then add the gin and dry vermouth to the shaker.
  • 4. Next add the red vermouth and orange juice.
  • 5. Add a good few ice cubes and then shake for 15 seconds.
  • 6. Remove the ice cubes from the cocktail glass.
  • 7. Decant the mixture into it, double filtering it with a cocktail strainer.
  • 8. You may wish to decorate your glass with orange zest.
  • 9. Your Bronx cocktail Bronx is ready!

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