Gin de Binche

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Gin de Binche

Gin de Binche, a carnival of flavours

Plus Oultre Distillery

The « Plus Oultre Distillery »

This is the story of Jérôme and Céline, both from Binche, who love their city and who share a penchant for spirits.

After creating the surprising and now renowned Gin de Binche, they are continuing on their adventure with the Plus Oultre Distillery and its 100% Belgian products!

They are using their experience to support you in your alcohol development projects!

Gin de Binche

100% Belgian production

Like our 100% local and festive Gin de Binche, the entire production process for our products takes place in Belgium, from design to fermentation. Physical proximity is of course one of the key values of our distillery.

Oranges Lavender branch

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Limited Edition
Firework Limited Edition


It is more spicy, with hints of chilli and Sichuan pepper, reminiscent of China where fireworks were originally created.

Black Lion

Black Lion Rhum

Organic rum from Paraguay. Aged in Belgium in bourbon barrels and infused with organic orange peel...

La Bonespéreuse

La Bonespéreuse

With natural plants, La Bonespéreuse is a liqueur from the Abbey of Bonne-Espérance. A concentrate of tradition...

Gin de Binche

Gin de Binche

A multi-award-winner, Gin de Binche is unique. Probably the best Belgian gin. A tasty homage to the rich heritage of Binche.

Plus Oultre Bitters

Plus Oultre Bitters

A Belgian blood orange aperitif, our bitters are designed to transform your Spritz and Negroni. Already awarded gold in 2020!

Bintje Vodka

Bintje Vodka

Get ready to change your mind about vodka. A real potato concentrate, this uniquely textured spirit will delight experienced connoisseurs.

out of stock


Jamaican rum-based liqueur flavored with vanilla. Enjoy an explosion of flavor and a thunderclap in your taste buds...

Lion de Binche


It is easy to buy your Gin de Binche, Bitter, Vodka online... And why not treat yourself to some of our goodies, so you can proudly wear the colours of our distillery!


Our points of sale

Independent wine merchants, delicatessens and other tasteful partners place their trust in us and distribute our products. Find our list of retailers here.
This list is regularly updated.

Find your nearest distributor

Please feel free to contact us directly at if you are interested in becoming a distributor of our gin or other products.

The Gin de Binche community

Recipes and cocktails

Recipes and cocktails

Colourful and sparkling, fruity and refreshing, we offer a selection of fool-proof recipes for great cocktail parties.

Gin de Binche

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